16 Dec

Commercial Property to Rent – Things to Check Out

When You are Looking at a Property to rent, there are lots of things which you ought to do so as to make certain that any property goes smoothly from beginning to end. Not only do you will need to confirm the property thoroughly to make sure that there’s nothing lacking that should be there and nothing which should not be there, but you also need to run through a complete check list with your prospective landlord, landlady or estate agents. This simply ensures that both parties yourself and the owners, know exactly where you stand from the beginning.


Anyone who has leased a commercial property for rent in their life will probably know of a bond payment. A bond is a cash lump sum that a tenant pays for their landlord once the tenancy commences. This bond is there to cover all the landlord’s possessions inside the house and the home’s fixtures also. To put it differently, if anything were to happen to the home, like an irreparable blot on the rugs or bad scratches all around the doorways, the bond money or portion of it, would be taken to mend or replace anything was ruined by you or somebody you had in the house with you.

When You are making this check List it is always a good idea to have someone do so with you. The estate agency is your best option of course as they are rather impartial and do not profit from this either way. In plenty of cases, the bond money is actually held by them and they will do a complete inventory before you moving into the property to lease . This is the ideal way for you to do things as then you can be certain that a third party is going to be the one making the choice as to whether anything is in need of repair or substitute upon the end of your property.

You need to ask for a Complete list Of everything on the stock after you move in the central office rental so you can check through everything yourself as well. In this way, if there’s anything you do not agree with originally, you may always ask to have it re-evaluated from the estate agency or somebody else. This is a really important part of your tenancy agreement and cannot be brushed to one side. Sorting out this correctly from the beginning ensures that there are no significant hiccups in the future in your tenancy.